The e-houseman system will start in May 2015. All those who did the manual registration will still need to re-regsiter on e-houseman . It will speed up but not now as this is only the beginning stage.There is nothing to be insane about as life is nothing but a waiting game.Play along and your mind will be at peace.I graduated from Indonesia and I should receive my induction letter in August 2015. Exactly six months from the month I registered with MMCand KKM. For those graduating next year, I was told it will take one year to get the induction letter.We have the hospitals but there are insufficient senior doctors to supervise the houseman. Anyway during the six months do whatever is necessary because once the housemanship starts, there will be no breaks. As ZM Lee has mentioned, you could be told to report on following Monday when the induction ends on Friday. Imagine you are posted to Sabah or Sarawak or even Kelantan and you are residing in Selangor. You need to pack your bags, fly there and get your accommodation sorted out. Many things to be sorted out.Good to prepare your mind and move forward. I personally believe KKM and SPA are doing what is best possible under the given circumstances.


Post-SPA Interview


For those coming in for May 2015  intake obviously there is no way to be placed within less than six months.Those who went for interview in December  2014 received their posting letters two weeks back(April 2015). This means six months is the actual period from the time you apply.Please be patient. For those in interview for April your posting could be in August 2015. Earliest also July 2015.

On attire to wear? Blazer too heavy. Cannot differentiate between the graduate and the interviewer. Just the long sleeve shirt with tie.

After the offer letter is given to you you need to go for a  medical test.  The surat akuan and the acceptance letter need to be given on the first day of induction(July/August 2015). You need to check on this to re-confirm.  I did not see any service for angkat sumpah here in Putrajaya. Please do it in KL which is the best place for all these. The SPA interview is not a formality. Many graduates think so. Please do what is necessary. I was told one graduate doctor failed last year in the interview. Not sure why although most will pass. Please prepare well and go.All will be okay.

Offer letter…


The offer letter is given on the same day as per the current procedure especially if the number is small.Whether it is 200 or 100 or 15 ,it all depends on the list of graduates applying. This batch had all from one Indonesian University and one graduate from Egypt. Nothing is cast in stone. The interview is a requirement to enter Government service in Malaysia. Just be prepared well with the information. It is not first come first serve basis as all the graduates called for interview will be there by seven. Outstation graduates could be there by 5 am.The process starts at 7.30am.The name list is with the officer. She will call you to check your documents and then give you your number.If you are too nervous to go first ,then go later and your number will be later too.Everyone going for ANY interview will be nervous. Just prepare well. You are so lucky to have this website/blog by ZMLEE as all the required information is here, Thank him for that.

Make sure you dress appropriately. Men – long sleeve and tie. Ladies – baju kurung. Do not forget to switch off your phone COMPLETELY before you enter the interview room. You will regret it if you do heed this advice.Sorry -warning.

Take note that if you delay in your application for interview, like some graduates do, you will be in the subsequent batches. That could mean a delay of three to six months. Some say they want to enjoy their holidays before the housemanship starts. But isn`t that what you did in your University along with your studies?. Three months delay and calculate the loss in your income!. Think right and move along

Please take note the interview does NOT take place everyday. It could be three days a week or only one day a week. Like now there is no interview next week ( 3 rd week of April 2015). The next interview is on 28 and 29 of April. Next week is for promotion cases in all departments.

SPA Interview…

Go early for the interview which starts at 8 am. Today (April 17 2015) there were about 12 graduate doctors who came for the interview. The interview room is opened from 6 am with the lights and air cond switched on. Please fill up the white form which is placed on the table immediately at the entrance.. Do not forget to bring along your stationery set with glue and stapler. The clerk will start calling your names to check your documents at sharp 7.30 am. You will be given a number each. The interview started at 8.10am today. It was in batches of four graduates.Two interviewers -one a doctor and the other a SPA officer.Today the three batches went for the interview. Each batch roughly 40 minutes. Very good thing the doctor interviewer did was to drive away your fear by starting with a general discussion..

Be prepared for various types of questions. The questions that were asked today were:1.Dengue fever -symptoms/diagnosis and treatment. 2.Typhoid 3. What would you like to specialise in? Why? 4. The parameters of full blood count for diagnosing dengue.5.Immunisation for children.6. Current issues you MUST know. Read the papers for the last one week before the interview. Focus on medical issues affecting the nation. Example number of dengue cases. Dengue related deaths. H1N1. What was cause of the students` death in Malacca and Johore this week?

Once all the batches are over the offer will be given to you. Today it was handed out at 11am. You need to go for a medical check up at any Government Hospital.The interviews were completed for the three batches by ten am. You will be nervous no matter what. But you will be okay. Don`t worry.

Your interview group could have graduates from local or other Universities too. But do not be shocked to see about 200 people in the room waiting for the interview. Some are nurses, some are for Government admin jobs and others for promotion in their departments. There are 15 interview rooms. But the whole interview process is well organised. The staff are friendly too. Everything is prepared by the staff one day earlier. Very impressive.

Housemanship interview in Malaysia -the process

SPA will call you for interview after the registration with MMC and SPA is done. Generally it is about 1 to 2 months. On the day of the interview:

– Go early. We reached SPA office at 6.20 am. The time set for us was 8 am. Better to be early.

But the lights and air cond were switched on when we reached the 6th floor interview room. A big room with about 200 chairs. But there were about 15 interview rooms. While you are there, fill up the white form. Take all your stationeries including glue and stapler. Exactly at 7.30am, the staff calls you to check your documents.She will give you a number and you will be called in batches of four or in some cases five. The interview will begin roughly at 8.10am. Two interviewers will be there. One from SPA and the other from Kementerian Kesihatan.